study ideas

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so my plan at the moment for getting ready for the test is the go over each weeks readings/lecture notes one week at a time and post a summary and thoughts on my blog. any other ideas for study techniques?


Anzac day

•April 27, 2009 • 1 Comment

i went to two anzac day services on saturday, aswell as the rugby which did a couple of things to commemorate. i thought it was interesting the different ways each service remembered why anzac day was celebrated. the johnsonville service was very long with lots of speeches from many members of the community, as well as hymms and such. on the other hand the ceremony up near lyall bay? (ataturk ceremony) was alot shorter but seemed more serious, mentioning both the turkish soldiers aswell as the anzacs.


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at last im very close to having my assignment finished fully, however i was wondering about how formal the writing needs to be? does anyone know if it needs to be quite formal (i know she said that we could write saying “i saw.. etc”), but other than this what degree of formality is required?

palio of sienna

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thought these reading were interesting, especially to do with the role reversals with women/men during the parade and race. i also found it interesting how the palio contributes to social solidarity within the bigger community, and within each contrade. not sure about the amount of words in spanish (i guess?) took a while to click to what they all meant but got there eventually.

assignment ideas

•March 13, 2009 • 2 Comments

so far im thinking that i might go into town tommorow and sit near the escalators that go up to kathmundu and observe people on them. i find it strange that the up escalator is on the right whereas the down escalator is on the left, pretty much everywhere else has up on the left and down on the right. think it might be interesting to see how many people automatically walk to the left to go up then realise that it won’t work, i know i’ve seen people do that before, to the point where they actually try to stand on it before realising.

Completely Stuck

•March 8, 2009 • 6 Comments

Well i am so far failing at coming up with something to observe for this assignment. On the plus side i have done the readings so im not completely behind already. i found it interesting that all rituals seem to incorporate some form of transition or liminal period. does this mean that everytime we go through a form of ritual, whether it’s brushing our teeth every morning or getting married that we change in some way? im not even sure if that makes sense but yea thats what came into my mind while reading the first reading.

Hello world!

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